The Steady Shot Domestic Woods



The yellow poplar prefers the eastern side of the US and Canada, though it will grow as far west as Texas.


The Creamy white to yellow wood comes from the eastern white pine tree, also known by the scientific name Pinus stobus L. Eastern white pine trees grow in abundance across North America; throughout parts of the United States and Canada.


There are somewhere between 40-60+ types of ash trees, many of which are native to the United States. More often than not, if you purchase something made of ash wood, it came from the white ash tree. Expect an awesome open grain with sweeping cathedral patterns and a nice near-white color that’s consistent throughout. It’s strong and durable – which is why you’ll see it used in custom furniture, flooring, baseball bats, and also musical instruments.

African Mahogany

Ranges in reddish-brown hues from light to dark and the grain can range from straight to a more intricate interlocked grain pattern.


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