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A billiards/pool bridge to aid people with movement disorders or other troubles with their bridge hand.

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The Steady Shot is handcrafted and individually made using a variety of woods ranging from domestic to exotic. Each custom piece is sketched, cut, drilled, contoured and sanded into its final shape. Stain and polyurethane are added in order to add distinct beauty and enhance the characteristics of the wood.

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Journey To Inventing The Steady Shot

The inventor of The Steady Shot, Dominic D’Ambrosio, began having a slight shake in his hands as a teenager. The tremor became more prominent with age. He began taking prescription medication for a condition known as Benign Essential Tremor at the age of 50. Dominic never let his condition define him. Despite his condition, he pursued his passion for playing organized pool when he was 54. Onlookers were fascinated by his ability to play so competitively although faced with a trembling bridge hand and bouncing arm. About a year into his league play, the tremor began to progress and eventually Dominic was diagnosed with a second motion disorder, Parkinson’s. It was about that time he began to wonder if there was an instrument available on the market to assist with his inability to maintain a proper form for his bridge hand. He searched to no avail. One sleepless night, in 2016, Dominic fused his years of woodworking experience and his passion for playing quality pool to fashion the first of many prototypes for what is now known as The Steady Shot. After making the prototype, he verified the apparatus was legal to use in league play at the local, regional, and world levels. He then began the patent process and was awarded US Patent US D800,858 S for the tool that would go on to improve his game play exponentially.

What started as one man trying to improve his pool game with a shaky hand has bloomed into compassionately helping others who suffer similar afflictions. Dominic believes if he can assist just one individual in overcoming an obstacle and bring them back to an activity they enjoy then he as completed his mission.

Thank you for taking the time to read his story and view our website.


The Steady Shot is a billiards/pool shooting bridge to assist people with movement disorders like Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s, and Essential Tremor. The device can aid people who have had their bridge hand compromised from a stroke, missing digits, or any other process that has disabled their billiards bridge hand. The Steady Shot can help beginners or anyone looking for a competitive edge. An added bonus is no more messy talcum powder from a sweaty hand because the device creates a smooth non-skin contacting stroke surface. The 4 notches allow completion of almost any shot players are faced with. Trouble Shooting over balls? Turn it around and use the notched higher end to allow for an easier stroke. No more trembling fingers from trying to make a raised bridge. The higher notch can also be used for a masse shot. Can’t shoot off the rail? The lower notched end supplies a smooth even stroke off the rail or over a pocket. The middle 2 notches can be used for all types of shots including but not limited to draws, kicks, banks, and masse. The shot possibilities are endless. The Steady Shot is so compact it will fit in most pool cue cases.

Steady Shot Positions

Exotic Woods

$45 (Includes shipping in the continental U.S.)

Domestic Woods

$40 (Includes shipping in the continental U.S.)

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